what’s working right now (lower body training)

I don’t keep a workout journal (though I do write each of my workouts every single day in the “notes” section on my phone and save them) but I don’t ever track my progress. Every workout I do is different… for example I do lower body lifting twice a week and each and every time all 8-10 exercises I do that day are different, differing by rep range and sometimes including drop sets. So my legs just do not want to lean out. Once I am over 100 lbs, they aren’t as lean as I’d like. This post is pretty much just for me to refer back to to see what my diet was like and what exercises and weight ranges I was using because right now I am pretty happy with my legs, which is rare!

So on both leg days, back/chest day, and bis/tris/shoulders day, I have been actually eating carbs for once. I have been having 1.5 pieces of Ezekiel bread in the morning (make “french toast” with it using egg whites and lots of cinnamon) and then sweet potato with dinner. honestly for the past 3 months I’ve had very very very few carbs and was just eating protein and fats pretty much. I was a little scared to put carbs back in but I’m seeing pretty positive results.

As far as lifting and cardio, I’ve been doing cardio 5-6 days a week, doing 2 sprint days and the other days moderate intensity but still intense cardio… doing 30 min and doing the stair stepper for about 15-20 of those¬† minutes. I’ve been using the freeloading leg press and have been doing 35 lbs on each side (which isn’t much compared to most ppl it seems) and also using the leg press by using a wide stance, getting up on my tippy toes, therefore working the inner thighs. This is a great inner thigh worker. Also I’ve been doing 3-4 drop sets of leg extensions which have completely transformed my legs. I didnt do them for 1-2 years bc of my doctor telling me I shouldn’t, but I started doing them again and am so happy I did!


Anyway that’s what has been working for me and I’ve been seeing progress with so I’ll refer back to this whenever I hit a plateau