Glutes & Quad Workout!

Here is one of the lower body (quad/glute focused) workouts I did last week and looooved it!



Front squats (with barbell.. I use 40 lbs) 3 x 10-12

Side to side jump squats: 3 x 20


Sumo squats (stand with each leg on a separate bench or two platforms so that your legs are spread wide apart) holding 25 lb dumbbell: 3 x 10 (make sure to squeeze your butt at the top of the movement

Side to side lunges (concentrate on using your inner thighs to push yourself to each side) 3 x 20


Leg extension: 3 x 10 (I’m not “supposed” to do leg extensions according to my knee doctor bc I have a slight ACL tear among many other issues, so I use light weight- about 40 lbs.) After 10 reps with your highest weight, drop the weight and do 10 single leg extensions

Adductor machine: 3 x 10 at highest weight (not sitting with your back against the pad) then drop the weight and do 10 more sitting back


Glute kickbacks on laying hamstring curl machine: 3 x 10 each leg (watch youtube video for this) it is awesome at targeting your booty!

Leg Press: 3 sets; 10 reps at heaviest weight (feet wide) then 10 reps feet together

Single leg leg press: 3 x 12 each leg (do 6 reps with feet pointed out and 6 reps foot in center)




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