Six Week Countdown to Cancun!

Jimmey and I are going to Cancun six weeks from today!!! I can’t believe time has gone by so quickly! This is my birthday & Christmas gift from him and just so happens (though we didn’t plan it this way; our travel agent randomly planned these days for us) we will be at the resort on our 3 Year Anniversary! We are staying at Secrets The Vine. It looks amazing. I did a lot of research on which resort we should stay at and after finding The Vine, I was dead set on spending our vacation here. We haven’t been on a vacation in well over a year- and that was a Valentine’s weekend getaway to Tulsa. He has been working harder than ever with renovating our house, flipping a property in Jefferson Park, and with the landscaping business. I have also been fairly busy with office manager duties (though not extremely demanding at all), helping Jimmey spray properties, and working on getting my real estate license, so this vacation feels much deserved.

When we went to Cancun about 2.5 years ago, I was not in the exact shape I wanted to be in. I know it’s vain, but after working so so incredibly hard to lose weight and get the body I wanted several years ago, I have, in my mind, a level I want to be at to really be content with my body. I didn’t look the way I intended to for our last trip, so this time around I’m really kicking it into gear and making sure that doesn’t happen again! I am going to keep myself accountable by using this blog to detail all of the steps I’m taking to get in tip-top shape in the next six weeks.

Each week I will have one or two new areas to focus on. Here is how it’s going to happen:

  • This week (6 Weeks out) : Cardio 5 Days A Week, 30 minutes Minimum (not much different than what I do now, almost the same really, but this leaves me no room to use the excuse “my legs are too sore from leg day for cardio.”
  • 5 Weeks Out: No more Almond butter 😦 gotta sacrifice
  • 4 Weeks Out: No more flank steak; concentrate on not having any random bites or “tastes” of food)
  • 3 Weeks Out: No more dairy (Greek Yogurt, FF Cottage Cheese); No fruit except 1/2  cup berries for breakfast if having protein pancakes; Ab workouts 3x per week instead of 2 (what I do now); Concentrate on higher reps, lower weights instead of lifting heavy.
  • 2 Weeks Out: Additional 3 cardio sessions per week, 20 minutes each; Lower carbs- sweet potato only after workout
  • 1 Week out: Protein & Veggies only; Start drinking Dandelion Tea

As far as weight training goes, my current schedule is:

Monday- Abs, Tuesday-Hamstrings/Glutes, Wednesday-Off, Thursday-Triceps/Biceps/Shoulders, Friday-Abs, Saturday-Legs/Glutes, Sunday-Back/Chest

I’ll keep it the same until 3 weeks out when I will stop going heavy and using lighter weights for 15 or so reps for each set.

I honestly haven’t been this excited for something since… I can’t even remember! I’ll update once or twice a week on how everything is going.